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European Hedgehog
(Erinaceus europaeus)


Hedgehogs can be found all over Britain accept the Scottish highlands though they are less likely to be found in wetland areas. They have adapted to life in our towns when they can become accustomed to being fed but you should not feed them bread and milk which gives them diarrhoea. It is better to feed them tined meaty pet foods. Naturally they will eat insects, slugs, snails and earthworms they normally nocturnal and look for their food at night. Hedgehogs normally hibernate through the winter from November to April. A pile of leaves or twigs is what they are looking for and so they unsurprisingly run in to problems if they choose a bonfire or compost heap. Please check for hedgehogs in these places and if you encourage them into your garden by feeding them or providing them with a box in which to hibernate they may help to keep down the numbers of slugs and snails nibbling you plants.










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