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Camera Traps

On this page are a few links to videos i have taken using a Trail cameras or Camera Traps.

A fun and interesting way to find out which animals are using an area during the night, with the excellent facility to film Infra red footage in the dark. Trail cameras however can also produce resonable still images and video in daylight.

I bought a fairly cheap trail camera / camera trap in January 2017 and have been very pleased with the initial results from it. Daylight video is not of the greatest quality but I have been impressed with the after dark footage that it has shot of nocturnal mammals, when triggered at night. A very useful piece of kit which is both enjoyable to use and helps to provides a good incite into which animals are around. It's also quite fascinating to watch them behaving naturally, as of course they have no idea.

The below video was shot at night with the above trail camera. As you can see it has responded well and triggered just when required providing images of Badger and Fox behaving naturally, very interesting to watch the fox burying food like a dog near the beginning, and near the end the fax vacating the area as the badgers arrive, notice they never appear a t the site together.

What does a Badger sound like? I have not often heard this noise but the trail camera has picked it up very well. At the end of the video from 2m48s you can hear a low reverberating rumble as the fox leaves the area and then two badgers are seen running through, top left. Good peace of kit.